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Pembroke Castle

Brief History of Pembroke Castle

  • 1189: William Marshall becomes Earl of Pembroke and starts castle construction
  • 1245: Fifth of childless sons of Marshall dies, having completed the castle
  • 1331: Crown repairs roof of Prison Tower, Chapel, court during fear of invasion
  • 1386: In disrepair; William Beauchamp suspected of stripping lead off roofs of castle!
  • 1403: Rented for 100 marks/yr to Sir Francis Court and Joan; armed; constable captured
  • 1447: Henry V's brother Humphrey Earl of Pembroke dies - granted to William de la Pole
  • 1454: Granted to Jasper Tudor - Margaret Beaufort delivers "Henry VII" in Pembroke Castle
  • 1462: Following Towton, castle given to William Herbert; Earl from 1468; beheaded 1469
  • 1642: Only castle in Wales to declare for Parliament; siege of Pembroke in 1648
  • 1880: Restoration by J R Cobb; cleared of ivy and repaired in 1928 by Sir Ivor Philipps

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