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Barnard Castle

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Brief History of Barnard Castle

  • 1125: Site developed by Bernard de Baliol I, as castle, town, market, park, pastures
  • 1216: Hugh de Baliol supports King John against Northumbrian barons and Scottish King
  • 1228: John de Baliol inherits; marries Devorguilla of Galloway, gaining vast parts of Scotland
  • 1264: John in Battle of Lewes for Henry III vs. barons; Barnard briefly held by barons
  • 1290: Third son of John becomes King of Scotland; breaks oath of loyalty to England; war
  • 1307: Barnard seized while John imprisoned; given to Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick
  • 1440: Bishop Nevill seizes castle briefly; returned to crown during minority of heir, Anne
  • 1471: Richard Nevill "Kingmaker"dies; Barnard passes to Richard Duke of Gloucester
  • 1569: Rising of North; 5000 rebels outside; 226 men jump over wall, 35 injured
  • 1630: Raby Castle extended using Barnard's materials; gutted by 1728; 1974 excavated