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Beaumaris Castle

Brief History of Beaumaris Castle

  • 1295: James St. George hired for Beaumaris (his 8th castle in North Wales for Edward I)
  • 1295: Building commences quickly and costs £6,000 in the first 6 months
  • 1298: Funds diverted to Scottish affairs and little money spared for Beaumaris
  • 1306: New constable reports castle not finished - no defence on north and north-west sides
  • 1309: James St. George dies, possibly having seen the barbican finished at Beaumaris
  • 1309: Nicholas de Derneford adds his own style of windows in north gatehouse (above)
  • 1312: Llanfaes Gate built to secure north-west, towers built up, moat deepened
  • 1343: South gatehouse still not complete; costed for Edward the Black Prince
  • 1403: Besieged by the Welsh; relief raid launched from Ireland recaptures castle in 1405
  • 1646: Held for the King in the Civil War, receiving supplies from Ireland, surrenders in June

Visitor Information Summary

  • Run today by Cadw
  • Assistance dogs only
  • No smoking
  • No unaccompanied children (under 16)
  • Sat Nav: LL58 8AP