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Carisbrooke Castle

Brief History of Carisbrooke Castle

  • 1086: Castle with church (modified from Saxon fortress) mentioned in Domesday survey
  • 1100: Henry I grants site to Richard de Redvers, whose family develop stone building
  • 1136: Baldwin Redvers supports Empress Matilda and loses Carisbrooke to King Stephen
  • 1153: Redvers family regain site; leave it to Edward I on death of the last heir in 1293
  • 1335: Drum towers added, extended and fortified in 1380
  • 1377: Castle besieged by the French in the Hundred Years War; ends when leader killed
  • 1386: Lord of island rebuilds accommodation block, adds new fireplace and windows
  • 1450: Castle in disrepair after many French raids; island asks Henry VI for help
  • 1467: Anthony Woodville improves site, leaving his coat of arms on the machiolations
  • 1540: New defensive sites on Isle of Wight leave Carisbrooke as the munitions store
  • 1587: Target for Spanish conquest; again in 1596, avoided by storms in the Channel
  • 1647: Charles I imprisoned in castle; his children move there after his execution
  • 1724: Improved living conditions for governor, one of Marlborough's generals
  • 1856: Passes out of use, restored and preserved
  • 1897: Gatehouse restored in honour of Prince Henry, late son-in-law of Queen Victoria

Visitor Information Summary

  • Run by English Heritage
  • Food available on-site
  • Museum, exhibition and gardens
  • Sat Nav: Isle of Wight - PO30 1XY