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Castle Rising

Brief History of Castle Rising

  • 1138: William de Albini (d'Aubigny) weds Queen Alice of Louvain, widow of King Henry I
  • 1139: Father of William dies; William II builds castle; earthworks extending to 12 acres
  • 1139: William and Alice loyal to King Stephen but also feast Empress Matilda at Arundel
  • 1153: William helps broker peace between King Stephen and Henry II, son of Empress
  • 1194: William IV inherits and is right-hand of King John; many heirs die young
  • 1331: Widow of Castle Rising surrenders rights to Rising to Queen Isabella for £400 a year
  • 1358: Black Prince takes residence aged 28, until his death in 1376
  • 1378: Exchanged for Castle of Brest with John Duke of Brittany (husband of King's sister)
  • 1403-1544: Part of Duchy of Cornwall; held by Duke / Prince or the King in their absence
  • 1544: Given to Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk by Henry VIII until his execution in 1572

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