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Conisbrough Castle

Brief History of Conisbrough Castle

  • 1000: estate of Kyningesburg granted by Wulfric to Elfehim, another Saxon nobleman
  • 1066: New castle built by William de Warren, son-in-law of William the Conqueror
  • 1163: Hamelin Plantagenet marries Isabel de Warren; develops stone keep at Conisbrough
  • 1189: Hamelin and Isabel found endowment for priest at castle, i.e. chapel is built
  • 1201: King John stays in Conisbrough; Warrens lose castle to Lancaster in messy divorce
  • 1322: Thomas Earl of Lancaster executed; King Edward II seizes Conisbrough
  • 1347-1402: Edward III gives castle to his youngest son Edmund; major improvements
  • 1446: Passed to Richard Duke of York and, after his death at Wakefield, to King Edward IV
  • 1537-38: Reports of decay in floors, roofs and bridges; given to Carey family by Henry VIII
  • 1940s: Bought by Conisbrough council; national property from 1949

Visitor Information Summary

  • Run by English Heritage 
  • Car park nearby
  • Picnic-friendly!
  • Pet dogs cannot go into the Keep
  • Sat Nav: DN12 3BU