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Corfe Castle

Brief History of Corfe Castle

  • 978: Elfrida murders Saxon King Edward at Corfe Gate to advance her son Ethelred
  • 1106: After defeat at Tinchebrai, Robert Duke of Normandy imprisoned at Corfe
  • 1138-9: King Stephen lays siege to Corfe against Baldwin de Redvers, Earl of Devon
  • 1204: Normandy lost, King John commences £1,400 of work to improve Corfe
  • 1222: After years of imprisonment in Corfe, Eleanor of Brittany moves to Gloucester
  • 1269-70: Plukenet Tower built, named after constable Alan de Plukenet (shield on tower)
  • 1275: Amaury de Montfort imprisoned in Corfe for taking sister to marry Prince of Wales
  • 1293: Edward I has Keep height increased, under Brother Henry of Bindon, carpenter
  • 1341: Edward III's survey leads to 20 years of extensive repairs; builds the Gloriette Tower
  • 1646: Only royalist castle between London and Exeter; under siege, defences destroyed

Visitor Information Summary

  • National Trust
  • Suitable for picnics
  • Pet dogs allowed on short lead
  • Sat Nav: BH20 5EZ