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Edinburgh Castle

Brief History of Edinburgh Castle

  • 1130-40: Normal Chapel of St. Margaret (died 1093) built by King David I
  • 1296-1400: Frequent battles for English or Scottish control; ending in Scottish
  • 1368-79: David's Tower erected
  • 1503-11: James IV built the Great Hall
  • 1571-78: David's Tower destroyed; Half-moon battery built on its ruins by Regent Morton
  • 1638-40: Covenanter army twice captures the caste
  • 1650: Cromwell takes control of castle
  • 1730-42: Argyle Battery and Governor's House added
  • 1916: Bombed during First World War
  • 1927: National Memorial of the First World War opened in the castle

Visitor Information Summary

  • Very busy tourist attraction so arrive early to take photos of the site
  • More commercial than most - plenty of shops within the castle
  • Audio Guide available
  • You can book your tickets online to save time