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Framlingham Castle

Brief History of Framlingham Castle

  • 1101: Henry I grants manor of Framlingham to Roger Bigod; timber fortress
  • 1140s: Hugh Bigod defies King Stephen, greeting exiled Archbishop of Canterbury at castle
  • 1157: King Henry II confiscates Framlingham from Hugh Bigod until 1165
  • 1173: Hugh joins rebellion against Henry II, who orders walls of castle destroyed
  • 1189: Roger Bigod II rebuilds castle; Roger and his son Hugh II sign Magna Carta
  • 1216: King John forces castle to surrender after 2 days; castle passes to Roger Bigod III
  • 1277: King Edward I stays in Framlingham, en route to his first campaign in Wales
  • 1306: Spectacular castle left to the crown, when Roger Bigod IV dies bankrupt
  • 1382: Margaret Brotherton becomes Countess Marshal; educates John, son of King Henry IV
  • 1413: After several traitor Mowbrays, John Mowbray V inherits castle; improved about 1450
  • 1483: John Howard inherits and, as Duke of Norfolk, repairs Framlingham; dies at Bosworth
  • 1489: Thomas Howard regains estates; improves chimneys, gatehouse, red brick buildings
  • 1552: Passes to Crown; Mary Tudor stays in castle 1553 while Jane Dudley is on the throne
  • 1589: Castle ruined; finally bought by Sir Robert Hitcham for £14,000
  • 1636: Left to Pembroke College, Cambridge - to be destroyed and a poorhouse set up!
  • 1729-1839: After legal wrangling, poorhouse solution found, housing adults and children
  • 1913: Pembroke College give it to Ministry of Works - English Heritage from 1984

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