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Harlech Castle

Brief History of Harlech Castle

  • 1283-89: Built for Edward I by James Saint George
  • 1294-95: Cut off by land during uprising; supplied by sea; water defences improved
  • 1323-24: Eastern bridge fortified
  • 1400-14: Welsh uprising of Owain Glyn Dwr; Harlech taken about 1404
  • 1408-09: Harlech under seige; English cannon fire
  • 1460-68: Lancastrian stronghold, sheltered Margaret of Anjou
  • 1539: Judged too weak to be defended
  • 1646-47: Under seige; last castle to fall in English Civil War
  • 1969: After early 20th century restoration, put under the care of CADW
  • 1986: Harlech Castle added on World Heritage List

Visitor Information Summary

  • Steps to enter
  • No (pet) dogs
  • Limited parking outside (larger car park in the centre of town)
  • Run by CADW
  • Sat Nav: LL46 2YH