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Helmsley Castle

Brief History of Helmsley Castle

  • 1120: Walter Espec granted land and manor; makes Helmsley Yorkshire residence
  • 1157: Nephew Robert de Roos inherits; his grandson, Fursan, rebuilds castle in 1186
  • 1246: New chapel consecrated under William de Roos I, son of Fursan
  • 1334: castle improved for Edward III visit; new hall, new kitchen, more apartments
  • 1464: Thomas de Roos III dies at Battle of Hexham; passes to George Duke of Clarence
  • 1485: Post-Bosworth, back to de Roos family; no heir, passes to Manners family in 1508
  • 1582: Helmsley Castle transformed into Tudor mansion
  • 1644: Garrisons Royalist troops; surrender due to lack of food; castle slighted
  • 1648-89: Passed to George Villiers; dies in great debt; castle sold to Charles Duncombe
  • 1923: Sir Charles Peers improves site; prepared for WWII due to anti-tank landscaping

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