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Ludlow Castle

Brief History of Ludlow Castle

  • 1066: Founded by the Norman Walter de Lacy; probably built by sons Roger and Hugh
  • 1150: Norman Chapel built - the oldest remaing part of the castle today
  • 1139: The sole stronghold for Matilda in the Welsh Marches; besieged by King Stephen
  • 1308: Roger Mortimer adds Great Chamber block, transforming it into a palace by 1320
  • 1425: Last Mortimer dies; castle passes by inheritance to Richard Duke of York
  • 1461: Duke of York killed at Wakefield and son Edward raised force from Ludlow
  • 1472: Ludlow Castle made headquarters of Council in the Marches
  • 1473: King Edward IV makes Ludlow home to Edward Prince of Wales
  • 1502: Arthur and Catherine of Aragon honeymooned at Ludlow; Arthur shortly died
  • 1689: Council abolished; by 1771 comes under the care of the Earl of Powis to this day

Visitor Information Summary

  • Fairly accessible site
  • Well-behaved dogs on leads admitted
  • Events are held in the castle grounds