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Scarborough Castle

Brief History of Scarborough Castle

  • 1130: William le Gros, Count of Aumale (Earl of York from 1138) builds tower and wall
  • 1154: New King Henry II seizes Scarborough as royal castle; rebuilds it from 1159
  • 1202-12: King John adds outer wall to inner bailey and extends wall down cliff; new hall
  • 1237: Tempest carries away some roofs, wall collapses follow; Henry III repairs castle
  • 1265: With Dover, Bamburgh, Nottingham and Corfe, used to broker peace with barons
  • 1308: Lord Percy granted licence to live in Scarborough; home for next 40 years
  • 1484: Richard III is last King to stay in castle (while assembling fleet against Henry Tudor)
  • 1536: Castle involved in Pilgrimage of Grace due to constables's support for Henry VIII
  • 1642: Scarborough held by Sir Cholmley for Parliament until he changed sides
  • 1914: Attacked by three German warships; state ownership from 1920

Visitor Information Summary

  • Run by English Heritage
  • Open on week days over winter
  • Not necessarily open in bad weather
  • Sat Nav: YO11 1HY