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Richmond Castle

Brief History of Richmond Castle

  • 1070: Built, probably for Alan Rufus - kin of William the Conqueror
  • 1086: Domesday survey mentions a castlery in "Hindrelag" (Richmond)
  • 1207: Constable sacked by King John for not submitting value of castle for tax; he buys back his job
  • 1215: Northern revolt; Richmond subdued; Constable and his men imprisoned
  • 1265: Stronghold opposing Henry III
  • 1294: Edward I makes major improvements to castle
  • 1538: Survey shows castle to be derelict
  • 1854: Duke of Richmond leases it as headquarters for North York Militia; adds barracks
  • 1916: Conscientious objectors who refused any role in WW1 held in cells at Richmond
  • 1931: Barracks finally demolished; becomes heritage site

Visitor Information Summary

  • Park in the town and a short walk to the site
  • Pet dogs have some access on lead
  • Run by English Heritage, so check for "events" before visiting
  • Sat Nav: DL10 4QW