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Warkworth Castle

Brief History of Warkworth Castle

  • 1157: Henry II takes Northumberland; gives castle and manor to "Roger son of Richard"
  • 1173: William the Lion, once earl of Northumerland, besieges castle; Roger flees
  • 1214: Considerable building and structural improvement by Robert son of Roger.
  • 1327: Scots lay siege to Warkworth, second attack led by Robert the Bruce, castle defended
  • 1332: Lord Percy of Alnwick gains Warkworth Castle
  • 1462: Given to brother George by Edward IV; Yorkist campaign headquarters until 1469;
  • 1572: Castle spoiled considerably by Sir John Forster, the warden of Middle Marches
  • 1585: 8th Percy dies in Tower for role in Guy Fawkes' plot; castle given to Sir Ralph Grey
  • 1617: James I stops in castle but finds sheep and goats in every room, much decay
  • 1672: 272 wagon loads of lead, timber taken from castle to build manor-house at Chirton

Visitor Information Summary

  • Run by English Heritage, so check in advance for potential events / activities
  • Accessible site
  • Pet dogs allowed on lead
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