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White Castle

Brief History of White Castle

  • 1066: Normans advance and build the first fortification that would become White Castle
  • 1137: King Stephen's charter bequeaths Llantilio, the future location of White Castle
  • 1161: Henry II orders repairs to a building in Llantilio, Skenfrith and Grosmont
  • 1184: Stone curtain encloses the inner ward of White Castle; Crown pay £128
  • 1201: King John grants it to Hubert de Burgh; in 1205 to William de Braose; 1219 back again
  • 1232: Peter des Rivaux has site until 1234; back to the Crown under Waleran the German
  • 1244: Waleran adds hall, buttery, pantry
  • 1254: Granted to future King Edward I; unrest during offensive of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd
  • 1257: New gatehouse on north, outer ward enclosed; by 1263 completely refortified
  • 1277: Peace diminishes use of White Castle; passed to the state in 1922

Visitor Information Summary

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  • Dogs welcome
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