Preliminary reconstruction of Harlech Castle

Reconstruction Notes

Harlech Castle is in many ways very similar to Beaumaris. To understand one of these sites is to understand both. However, the hill-top location of Harlech is different to Beaumaris and dictates a different design for the outer defences. 

An extensive photo-trip was accomplished during 2012, this was fortuitous since work was shortly to begin on the gatehouse, adding wooden floors and roofing to the structure, meaning that many details gleaned on this trip will no longer be available on casual inspection. Whilst the addition of floors and roof will allow visitors to explore the site in a different way, it will also impose limits on their understanding of this magnificent structure.

Initial reconstruction is progressing well and the research at Beaumaris is helping to improve the understanding of the gatehouse at Harlech.

Joseph A. Fox

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Heritage Images

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