Heritage Archive CineFilms from 50 years ago

While our focus is on castles, we also have a broader interest in the people, landscape and culture that makes up a nation's history.

As part of our continuing efforts to archive the heritage of the United Kingdom, we are pleased to present a seven-part series of videos. They were shot on "CineFilm" 40-50 years ago and are an informal view of the world that was - long before people could film everyday life on a phone or small camera. The resolution / quality is limited by the source material, but there are jewels of historical interest such as Stonehenge covered in CND graffiti. Each film has a focus, starting with more buildings and ending with people out and about.

Lost in Castles Heritage Archive - Part One: Land of History

Lost in Castles Heritage Archive - Part Two: Heading North

Lost in Castles Heritage Archive - Part Three: Timeless Landmarks