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What Ricardians really want

Ricardians who have enjoyed our DVDs on Middleham Castle and Sandal Castle are always surprised to find that our current project is the reconstruction of Edward I's castle in Conwy. They are shocked, as though we have abandoned "the faith" by not moving through Sheriff Hutton, Pontefract, Ludlow and every single castle that Richard III ever knew. We certainly are not bored of the Ricardian era. The castles deserve attention and King Richard III deserves a better reputation than that bequeathed by the propagandist Shakespeare. However, there is a reason that we have moved to another type of castle and it came back to me as I observed the various discussions on the search for Richard III's remains in Leicester. At the Press Conference a few pieces of information came out about the remains currently being tested - enough information to set Hercule Poirot's little grey cells wondering not least what the arrowhead could mean. But there has been surprisingly little discussion on the clues surrounding the remains. Instead all attention has been given towards the reburial.

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