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90 minutes for £14.99 + postage

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Visit the Tomb Gallery

Hear the Music of the Roses

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Once the home of Richard III

"A very interesting tour of the castle"

~ Karen Schousboe, Medieval Histories

48 minute guided tour for £10.99 + postage

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For the first time in 400 yrs...

"I can highly recommend it"

~ Pamela Marshall, Castle Studies Group

75 minutes £10.99 + postage

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Middleham Castle, home of King Richard III

To commemorate the discovery of the remains of King Richard III in Leicester, we are dropping the price of Middleham: A Castle Made for Kings from £11.99 to £7.50 (inc. p&p).

This offer is for one week only. See the home of King Richard III for yourself.

Now expired


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