Lost in Castles full reconstruction of Middleham Castle

Reconstruction Notes

Middleham Castle was the first site that I attempted to reconstruct. So far I have completely rebuilt the model on four separate occasions, with work still progressing on yet another revision. Although Middleham is not the biggest castle by far it is an incredibly rich site that can teach us a great deal about castle design.

From the intricate detail of the windows to finding the correct path for flues to reach chimneys, Middleham is always a challenging model but very rewarding. 

It was especially gratifying that my pioneering work on Middleham led directly to my involvement in the project to locate the remains of King Richard III. Having spent so many hours constructing models of his childhood home, it seemed somehow appropriate that I spent many months working in conjunction with the rest of the team on the design for his tomb - a tomb design that will now never be built.

Joseph A. Fox

Middleham: A Castle Made for Kings is a 48 minute DVD tour of the site as it is and with full computer reconstruction. Find out more here.