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In the heart of Wensleydale stands Middleham Castle, a stunning fortress surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. In the 15th century, a young Duke of Gloucester lived and trained here, under the care of the Earl of Warwick. That Duke would become known to the world as King Richard III and he would marry the Earl's daughter Anne, who he had known at Middleham during his youth. In Middleham: A Castle Made for Kings we take a tour around the fortress as it is today. But, through the art of computer reconstruction, we also bring the castle back to life and tour the Middleham Castle that King Richard knew.

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From the Reviews:

"As the walls of Middleham rise, images come alive of the lonely little prince who made the castle his beloved home, fell in love with the Kingmaker's daughter, and grew up to be a king whose passion was justice, and whose laws flowered into modern western democracy. 'Middleham Castle: A Royal Residence' breathes poignant life into the dust of history, and leaves a lasting impression."

Sandra Worth, Author of Lady of the Roses, a novel of the Wars of the Roses 19/01/2008


"With its splendid computerised reconstructions, it makes it easy to visualise the castle in all its glory and to understand how it worked and indeed, why it worked. ... I will look forward to my next visit even more than usual." [excerpt]

Dr. Phil Stone, Chairman of The Richard III Society 12/01/2008


"The DVD takes viewers on a wonderful tour. Not only does it show the modern-day ruins of the castle, but through the use of stunning computer reconstruction, it shows us what it may have looked like at the height of its beauty. ... I would highly recommend these materials to homeschoolers who want to experience everyday life in a castle of the Middle Ages!"

Dr Anne Margaret Wright, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


"As a long time visitor to Middleham Castle, I was impressed with the film on many levels. Middleham today, sadly stands in ruins, but the castle comes alive as each area is explained. ... This film is a welcome addition to anyone, Ricardian or not ..." [excerpt]

Joe Ann Ricca, CEO / President of The Richard III Foundation, Inc. 12/02/2008

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