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Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales 

After 4 years of production, we are very pleased to announce that Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales is now available in our Shop!

"Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales" for £12 + p&p (£1) 

DVD Trailer for "Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales"

Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales introduces you to the history of this settlement in North Wales, from the Norman conquest to the stone castle of Edward I. With extensive on-site filming, aerial photography and computer graphics, we uncover the secrets of this often neglected castle and explore its vital role in English and Welsh history.

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Below is a gallery of images from the feature Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales and the bonus feature on the same DVD, Dyserth Castle: Lost in Time. Click to enlarge an image.

Dyserth Castle: Lost in Time

Also appearing on the Rhuddlan Castle DVD, is a special 8-minute bonus feature on Dyserth Castle. It is available to view online here:

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