We reconstruct ruins to their former glory and

show the past and the present in beautiful DVD tours.

Over the last ten years we have completed reconstructions of:

  • Middleham Castle in Wensleydale (once home to Richard III)
  • Sandal Castle in Wakefield (as in the Battle of Wakefield 1460, when the heir of England was killed and history was forever changed)
  • Conwy Castle in North Wales (all of it ... including the town walls)
  • Rhuddlan Castle in North Wales
  • Dyserth Castle in North Wales
  • Houdan & Etampes in France

Watch the trailer for our new release Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales:

This DVD is now available to pre-order, with a 1st June 2018 release date.

Website Guide

As our films have gained popularity, we have developed this site to be a treasure-trove for castle and history enthusiasts. Besides sections related to reconstruction and the castles we know and love the best, there are two main parts to explore:

1. Castle A-Z

Whatever the search results may say, this has nothing to do with a fictional New York writer called "Richard Castle". In the Castle A-Z we show images of castles from the last 100 years. These are split into Castles of the UK: A-Z and Castles of the World: A-Z (mainly because we have a much larger number of images of UK castles). The World castles are growing. If you have beautiful images that you would like to share, we're always interested in hearing from you.

The last page in this category is a new feature (new Summer 2016). We have a wealth of archive material for castles. If we show the best picture in the Castle A-Z entry, then sometimes it's the best of 50 images of that castle! So we've started to release our own video tributes to depictions of individual castles during the last century - Castles in Pictures (Videos). We started with Kenilworth a month ago and, thanks to our loyal Facebook fans, was soon watched by over 4,500 people! We've since released similar videos for Windsor, Caernarfon and Arundel Castle - with another dozen or so in the pipeline at this time. 

2. Beyond Castles

We really do love castles. But not exclusively. Our team has broad historical interests. We have to reference castles in other countries during reconstruction. We have to explore the style of Churches and Cathedrals to understand the structure of the Chapel. In short, we are starting to spread our wings beyond what is strictly a castle and enjoy some of the wider social scene of history and heritage. In the Beyond Castles pages you can get Lost in England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Switzerland and Portugal - enjoying the non-castle architecture of these heritage-rich countries. Once more, if you have images you would like us to include, please feel free to get in touch.

New Summer 2016, we have launched our Heritage Archive Films. This seven-part series is made from CineFilm that was shot 40-50 years ago. The resolution and quality is therefore variable, but it is a little time capsule of life in the United Kingdom. 

Part 1: Land of History includes Caernarfon Castle (just after the investiture of the Prince of Wales), Hadrian's Wall, Battle Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral, St Andrews Cathedral, Edinburgh's Scott Monument and H.M.S. Victory 

Part 2: Heading North includes Anne Hathaway's Cottage, John O Groats, The Forth Bridge, Glamis Castle, Pitlochry Salmon Ladders

Part 3: Timeless Landmarks includes King's College Cambridge (University), Oxford, Jedburgh Abbey, Glastonbury Abbey, Banbury Cross, Stonehenge, Dover Castle and Beachy Head

Part 4: Life in Miniature includes Clovelly Village, Cornwall, Land's End, Stoke Bruerne

Part 5: Valleys and Hills includes Lake Windermere, Mamtor Road down to Hope Valley, Jedburgh Castle, Whitby Abbey and Scarborough

Part 6: Scottish Journey includes stunning scenery, Fifeshire, Tay Bridge, Phantoms from RAF Leuchars, St Andrews, Rothesay Ferry, The Clyde and J. M. Barrie's House

Part 7: Out and About includes Bridlington Harbour, Well Dressing in Eyam, RAF Finningley, Whit Walk in Sheffield, Cross Country run in Cheshire, Aston Woodhouse High School, Whit Monday in Gleadless Park

We are also making, with Chat Noir Productions Ltd., an exciting first feature on the history and heritage of Chester. More details to follow!

The Art of Reconstructing a Castle!

CG Castles & DVDS

Our castle reconstructions take a lot of time and research. When a reconstruction is complete, we release a new DVD touring the existing castle site and the reconstruction. These three titles are available from our shop and sales help fund our future projects. (Rhuddlan Castle coming Winter 2016!)

Conwy Castle - 90 minutes

Conwy Castle - 90 minutes

Sandal Castle - 75 minutes

Middleham Castle - 48 minutes

Middleham Castle - 48 minutes

Also available:

The Middleham Castle Jigsaw - 200 (nice) or 500 (mad) pieces!

The Middleham Castle Jigsaw - 200 (nice) or 500 (mad) pieces!

Conwy Castle Soundtrack    via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc

Conwy Castle Soundtrack

via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc

Middleham Castle Soundtrack    via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc

Middleham Castle Soundtrack

via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc

We ship around the world. Please visit the Shop tab for more information or go directly to the UK Shop or World Shop.

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