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Once the home of Richard III

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Welcome to Lost in Castles. We reconstruct history and produce stunning DVDs of castles. The image below shows our very first project Middleham Castle (once home to Richard III).

We reconstructed the (almost) impossible site of Sandal Castle in Wakefield, with great success. This was a landmark in the use of computer modelling, advancing the understanding of this ruinous site considerably.

Middleham and Sandal were about much more than stones - they were about restoring reputations too. The castles' connections to Richard III attracted attention and we were commissioned to visualise the tomb commissioned for King Richard III, producing our own promotional video, as featured on the Telegraph's website. 

Our products are all available through this site. Sales provide funds for future productions, so we not only like the warm glow of support, but we actually need it in order to continue our work. We are self-funded, working with appropriate bodies to gain permissions for access, but taking time to produce DVDs and CDs that promote history that is both deeply researched and a pleasure.

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