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Objectivity: Fact or Fiction?

More4 has just broadcast their programme "Richard III: Fact or Fiction?"

As usual this presented the establishment version of events through the mouth of Tony Robinson, who explicitly stated that Richard murdered his nephews. He said this in the same breath that he admitted that the meagre evidence against the King was only circumstantial.

The programme illustrated that objectivity is a complete myth. The historians Dockray and Pollard - both of whom in close up are far more scary than Richard III - were the spokesmen of the enlightenment, presiding god-like over the "wicked" King. Clearly their view must be right, since gods do not err.

When we produced our DVD on Sandal Castle, several reviewers were shocked by my lack of "objectivity" in uttering a precise and passionate condemnation of Henry Tudor, the upstart Welsh traitor. 

Let us be clear. 

There is no such thing as objectivity. 

All men and women are inextricably biased. 

Our loyalties bind us as surely as they did Richard.